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SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2015


Because Hollywood Won’t . . .

RoadDogFilms is an American independent film production company founded in 2014 by John Pender, CEO of Bazooka Media, LLC, and headquartered in Battle Ground, Washington.


Now in pre-production


A present-day supernatural action comedy about the legendary wild man from Canaan on a hell-bent quest to defeat Satan and reclaim his stolen identity.

About Saint Christopher

Did you know that Christopher’s given name was Reprobus, as in reprobate.

The Canaanite, a giant of a man was said to be a little more than into himself. He refused to serve any but the most powerful kings of his day. According to legend, that included a short stretch in service to the Dark Prince, Satan.

When the ogreish Reprobus discovered Satan cowering before a cross, he abandoned his master to seek the King of Kings.

A fateful meeting brought Reprobus face to face with a golden child in need of transport across a mighty river. Unaware of the child’s true identity, he felt compelled to serve the small boy with “the weight of the world on His shoulders” and delivered Him safely across the raging waters without regard for his own life.

Once on the far shoreline, the child transformed into the adult Christ. Jesus baptized Reprobus, renaming him Christopher – the Christ-Bearer.

About The Movie

Jesus, Mary n’ Joseph – will not be in this film. All others are fair game.

Saint Christopher is the story’s politically incorrect ass-kicker!  Sister Palomino is his ambitious Ninja Nun sidekick. The villains are Satan,  his hot-to-trot demonic seductress, Lily, and a host of christophobes.

That said, the story opens in 1969, the year, in real space and time, that the Vatican unceremoniously  tossed the one and only Patron Saint of Travelers from the official Roman Rite historical record.

From that point on, Christopher, the wild man from Canaan drops in from above on a reckless quest to reclaim his identity and do battle with the Dark Prince, responsible for Christopher’s current situation.

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