RoadDogFilms is an American independent film production company founded in 2014 by John Pender, CEO of Bazooka Media, LLC, and headquartered in Battle Ground, Washington.

The company is currently in pre-production on Christopher!, a supernatural action comedy about the legendary Canaanite and beloved Patron Saint of Travelers.

With the Christopher! shooting draft in hand, RoadDogFilms is currently producing what John calls their Premise Pitch, a six minute teaser for crowd funding, on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, set to launch in August, 2015.

The 16mm shoot will include a tour of the location site for the feature film, a meet-n-greet  with the RoadDog crew and a  glimpse into Christopher! 

THE SITE IS CURRENTLY BEING REMODELED, but feel free to contact us using the form below: